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Hier vind je ons actuele aanbod voor opdrachten in de IT, evenals verdere interessante jobs in verschillende sectoren voor nationale en internationale projecten.

Verlies geen tijd en reageer snel. We willen je graag verder helpen!

Voor een van onze opdrachtgevers zijn wij op zoek naar een System Analyst Sales and Supply Chain Planning.

As a system analyst you play a critical role in providing technical leadership and expertise in the design, development, implementation and support of new applications and enhancements of existing applications within the area of Supply Chain Planning.

Referentienummer: 002-160513.

Start: z.s.m.
Duur: 2 Maanden
Locatie: Eindhoven
Inzet: Fulltime
Tarief: (All-in, excl. BTW)
Sluitingsdatum: 23 mei 2013

Job Mission
The System Analyst acts as a bridge between IT and the business and connects business processes and IT structures and applications. He/she discusses processes, needs, feasibility, new features as well as sourcing strategies with business, architects and management of the Competence Center Operations, and translates demand into functional / technical solutions. The System Analyst needs to have a thorough understanding of Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain Planning business processes, business needs and also the supporting applications. Trends in the industry need to be taken into consideration when determining the right balance between requirements vs. possibilities and short- vs. long term solutions.

Job Description

  • Collaborates with stakeholders to define business problems / opportunities, set technical goals, identify objectives and establish functional, non-functional, data and technical requirements.
  • Works on analysis and design activities, including conceptual system design, technical design, and detailed specifications.
  • Provides thought leadership to the software team in the areas of software design, software implementation, documentation, quality assurance, deployment and production support.
  • Assures alignment with the business roadmap.
  • Raises awareness concerning the short / long term business challenges.
  • Triggers, verifies and challenges business requirements together with the IT Solution Team Manager and system analysts.
  • Triggers and supports the definition of the related programs, projects and process improvements together with project management. Contributes to the architecture for these programs and projects.
  • Guides the execution of programs and projects on content.
  • Ensures that the developed functionality fits in the company’s overall landscape.
  • Is able to balance the interest of all departments involved: Sales, Marketing, Operations and Finance
  • Researches and analyzes technology, industry, and market trends to develop and articulate technology strategies.

Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Information Technology or Business Administration with proven experience in complex Supply Chain Planning processes and IT tooling.


  • Minimum of 7 to 10 years’ experience in consultancy, application management and/or architecture in the area of Supply Chain Planning in a discrete manufacturing industry (complex products, low volumes).
  • Broad knowledge of business processes and project management methods. Strong network of relevant business relations in this area.
  • Thorough understanding of IT solutions within Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management & Planning processes, either in an IT consultancy role, application management / application specialist role, architect role, or in a design & development role.
  • Detailed knowledge of SAP and related IT systems supporting Supply Chain Management processes:
  • Experience with Advanced Planning Systems (e.g. ICRON, QUINTIQ) is a pre

 Personal Skills

The ideal candidate:

  • Has an open, pragmatic en result oriented attitude. Takes self-initiative, is flexible, decisive and is proactive.
  • Is an innovator and solution oriented with strong analytical and conceptual skills.
  • Initiates, plans & prioritizes.
  • Can easily work in teams, is a team-player and stimulates collaboration.
  • Possesses next to thorough business sense also technical understanding, profound communication- and interpersonal skills. Can deal with resistance, and give direction.
  • Able to realize one’s vision and persuade and engage others by personal impact and by arguments. Therefore has a strong personality.
  • Is a mediator between involved departments and stakeholders (in-/externally), who is comfortable with organizational strategies, policies and procedures, skilled to understand complex organizational structures, and sensitive to politics. Has the ability to bridge business and technical challenges.
  • Is able to create buy-in within and outside the organization.
  • Shows strong stakeholder management skills and is an excellent communicator on all levels inside the organization, as well as outside the organization.
  • A successful networker, able to build relationships, and capable to demonstrate flexibility.
  • Has strong execution capabilities and takes ownership.
  • Maintains a positive continuous improvement attitude.

Context of the position
The System Analyst plays a critical role in providing technical leadership and expertise in the design, development, implementation and support of new applications and enhancements of existing applications within the Competence Center Operations.

The Competence Center Operations within IT is responsible to provide the right IT systems for the core business processes of Operations (Manufacturing, Logistics, Sourcing, QPI and Facility Management). Customers of this department are internal customers, whose goal is to provide world class systems and services for all major chip makers around the world, and who therefore need the best tools available.

The System Analyst reports to the Solution Team Manager Planning within the IT Competence Center Operations. The System Analyst has internal interfaces with the IT employees, the internal customer, and external contact with suppliers and consultants.

Alleen reacties voorzien van een gerichte motivatie met uurtarief worden door ons in behandeling genomen.

inQuisitiv is voor haar relatie op zoek naar een MS Windows Server Systeembeheerder, die
betrokken zal worden bij de migratie van Windows-XP naar Windows-7 voor een onderwijsinstelling.

Referentienummer: 004-070613e .

Functie:  Systeembeheerder MS Windows Server
Start:      z.s.m.
Duur:      tijdelijk project voor 3 – 6 maanden (mogelijke verlenging).
Locatie:  Tilburg
Inzet:      Fulltime

  • Goede kennis van MS Windows Clients (Windows-XP, Windows-7)
  • Ervaring met Microsoft Windows Server (2003-2008)
  • Ervaring met Microsoft Active Directory
  • Ervaring met Microsoft Exchange
  • Hands-on Mentaliteit
  • Ervaring met het migreren van XP naar Windows-7
  • Ervaring met werken in projecten
  • Ervaring met operationele systeembeheer taken
  • HBO werk- en denkniveau 

Alleen reacties voorzien van een gerichte motivatie worden door ons in behandeling genomen.

Voor een groot internationaal project zijn wij op zoek naar een Senior SAP Project Manager met specifieke kennis en ervaring op het gebied van SAP HANA.
De Senior Project Manager die wij zoeken heeft ervaring met hosting en services set ups binnen grote complexe internationale organisaties.
Onze klant wil het totale SAP landschap gaan wijzigen. Binnen het totaal project zijn 7 streams gedefinieerd.
1 van de streams betreft “order tot cash”. Voor dit onderdeel zoeken we een stevige senior met veel ervaring in SAP Enterprise omgevingen.
Wat betreft het HANA hoeft de Projectmanager geen inhoudelijke techneut te zijn maar wel het concept kennen, de verbanden weten te vinden en te leggen en de impact kunnen inschatten van keuzes die gemaakt worden. Helikopterview, het totaalplaatje kunnen blijven overzien.

Referentienummer: 005-200613.

Functie:  Ervaren Senior Project Manager met SAP HANA
Start:      z.s.m.
Duur:      tijdelijk project voor 3 maanden met optie tot verlenging
Locatie:  Eindhoven
Inzet:      Fulltime
Uurtarief: n.t.b.

  • Kennis en ervaring op gebied van SAP HANA
  • PMI gecertificeerd
  • Veel ervaring in SAP Enterprise omgevingen (omgaan met politiek)
  • Bij voorkeur ervaring met SAP hosten in Cloud
  • HBO niveau 

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